Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PowerShell's Read-Host returns immediately

If you're like me and to save time copy and paste a command line you use repeatedly into the PowerShell command window, you could cause issues for the Read-Host cmdlet.  For example, say I pasted these commands:

    cd c:\somedirectory
    .\MyScript.ps1 someparameters

If I, when I copied that text, included the trailing carriage return/line feed at the end, that would cause those two commands to execute the instant I pasted them into the PowerShell window.  The problem is that if MyScript.ps1 contains a call to Read-Host it will trick it into thinking the enter key was pressed, when it was not, and your first Read-Host will fail to block.

To get around this I either 1) make sure I manually enter the command or 2) make sure I don't include the trailing newline when I copy the command text.

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